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Welcome to Wonderdog's "too cheap" Computers

The purpose of this site is too expose you to the excellent deals of top of the line computers

Terms (The most asked question)

Let's cut right to the point: how are these computers so cheap and there must be a catch. To tell you the truth there is a catch but I would think that you would be more worried if there wasn't one. Please Read on. It is simple; use the computer for two years, receive promotional materials (junk Mail), and fill out 12 surveys a year (a.k.a once a month.) So for a few hours of work you can save yourself thousands of dollars; not bad if you ask me.

The most important thing of all: I am not selling you a computer for the bid price. Freedom systems is selling you a computer for the prices listed on my auction and the prices on their site. Also, if they are sold out, be sure to check back every few days or so because they constantly receive more stock.

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