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Home Audio
Due to my lack of money, I have pretty crappy audio but I do like home audio a lot.  I love listening to music and I am thinking about becoming a DJ.  Maybe one day I will have a page on that.  Until then I do have a Page on Minisc players because that is the only good peice of equipment I have.  I hope you find this useful

First of all lets talk about the choices to minidisc:

Minidisc small, good quality, wide range of selections some prerecorded music not as good of quality as CD or DAT
Dat small, high quality, digital expensive! more expensive media, small selection, not widely used
CD high quality, cheap media, very large selection, lots of prerecorded music size
Tape yeah thats funny not even going to start
MP3 small, relatively inexpensive, good quality, growing choices, tons of music expensive upgrades, can't carry around cheap media

If you look at this table I think you can see why I chose minidisc.  It's small, good quality, very cool, and cheap media.  Also it wasn't too expensive.  The unit that I got was the sharp MD-MS722.  Here is a link to Sharps Website.

Why I Chose Mine

    When I first started researching minidisc players I wanted to find out every type of feature, who makes them, and what models have which feature.  After that I had narrowed my choices down to three different models: the sony MZ-R55, the Aiwa AM-F70, and the Sharp MS-722.  If you didn't know these were pretty much the top of the line for each make.  When I was getting these they hadn't even been released in the U.S.  The way I distinguished between them was that I didn't want the sony because I have heard of stories that the lid can break off so I didn't want to take the chance with a $300 piece of equipment.  The Aiwa was actually the one that I wanted to get but my dad didn't like the idea that it didn't have a U.S. warranty at the time.  That stuck me with the Sharp model.  So far I have no complaints except for one time the jog wheel wasn't registering very good but the next day it worked fine and it has ever since.  Some people might not like the size since the sony is probably half as big but I havn't had too much of a problem and I really like the rugged look.  One very nice feature that the other models have is the Huge Jog wheel.  This make it very easy to go through each song and title them.  My final recomendations are that any of these three models would be for the most part equal and if I had a choice i would probably pick the sony only as long as you take very good care of it and don't drop it but would do.  I have seen the new sharp and I do like it.  Its got that same loading mechanism as the sony and it is basically the same size.  

tons more coming. this page sucks now