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Car Audio

Due to things I cannot control, I don't have a car yet.  In preparation though I do have some Ideas and tips.

My plans
Car:  Mitsubishi eclipse, 3000GT, Or Spyder hopefully
Front stage: either Focal, Oz audio, or Mb quarts
Rear stage: same as front
Subs: Rockford fosgate, MMats,
Amps: Pheonix gold, Mcintosh, RF, MMats
Head unit: I want a computer but if not maybe an Alpine, panasonic, or eclipse
Center: whatever I can come up with maybe carver
Processor: Dolby digital, Dts will probably use a home unit because car units are too expensive right now
Game: whatevers the newest system maybe PS2
TV's:  touchscreen Lcd computer monitors don't know how many or what kind because I don't know what car Im going to get
Computer:  who knows everything changes so quickly but I hope to have the computer control everything.  I have lots of plans for it.
DVD and VHS:  DVD will be in the computer and I will get some vcr and hook them up to the comp.
A custom computer program with some secret weapons and defense.  Impossible to penetrate
Mucho sensors

Some things I have learned about supped up Cars

First of all lets start from the ground up.  Starting with the wheels.  A system is not a system without a cool car.  when you look at a car what do you look at first?  Most likely the wheels, this is why they need to be paid attention to first.  Now I don't know all that much about cars and performance parts but I will tell you that you need some low profile tires and some sweet one peice rims (this is all for a sports car not a truck).  Also A good set of brakes would be good.  Next on the lineup is suspension.  A good suspension is important to grip the road at high speeds and keep you comfortable.  Don't forget about lowering a few inches.  Now it is time for the engine.  I don't know really anything about performance engine parts so thats up to you but I do suggest a roller cam shaft, better mufler and a Hi - output alternator for starters(no pun intended).  
    After you have got the car going 150mph with the top down you are going to need to let everyone hear you.  Their are a few but importan rules to installing a top notch audio system.
1.  Make it super clean. Cannot stress this enough.
2.  Staging, the best components can suck without proper staging
3.  Do it right.  use the right cable gauges and connectors and don't have your string of 1 farad caps charged sitting out in the open.  use good components not no name crap
If you follow these rules I guarantee you will have a sweet sounding and looking system

Take a look at this.  This would have been a nice setup  Sage 2
More coming soon...