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Electronics (Hobby)
    Unfortunately I do not have the technical expertise necessary to really have any of my own information on this page.  But since I do like electronics a lot and plan on getting smarter I have generated many links to electronics pages. Basically, for now, this will be mostly links but I assure you that they are good.  Also you are welcome to go to my Wierd Science page where I have my jacobs Ladder featured.

Manufacturers Informative Surplus Circuits Pc Boards Security Retail

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Pittman Motors
Cherry Semiconductor
Holtek Semiconductor inc.
National Semiconductor
Burr - Brown
Micrel Semiconductor
Motorola Semiconductor
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Texas Instruments
International Hanbai Co., Ltd Lcds touchscreens controllers
Hds Systems, Inc. Led flashlights
Micromint, Inc. single board computers (SBC) and industrial embedded controllers.
EMAC, Inc. Lcds, touchscreens, SBCs uControllers
Intec Automation Inc. steroid micros
Abacom technologies am fm transmitters, receivers, transceivers, rs232, modules
IR Filters Infrared filters for nightshot video camera
LDG Electronics Inc. Amateur radio and microcomputers
Rc Systems Very good voice synthesizers
Modeltec kits projects, prebuilt and custom
Servo Systems Inc. Industrial robots, servos, x,y tables, controllers
Wirz electronics Robotics, electronics, controllers, micros
MicroSyl 68hc11, 68hc12, eval boards, bootloaders...
Mclennan Motion Control pruducts
Embedded Acquisition Systems electronics, Micros for robotics
National Control Devices LCD graphic controller
back to top Zorin HC11 micro designers
EIO The Best, a must see,  EVERYTHING
Hobby- Electronics A super electronics site
Taygeta's scientific Embedded systems, Instrumentation and Robotics
We-Man's Electro Stuff lots of info, another supersite lots of good info
Alex's Educational Tutorials lot's of tutorials
Nate's Electronics Projects, Ideas, Source Code, micros, robotics
Electronics2000 tutorials and articals
Jonathons EE Notebook Circuits, info, notes, projects
IC Master A large directory of all ICs
Peer's LCD pages lots of info on LCDs
back to top Capacitor code reading How to read Cap Codes
Battery wholesaler A ton of batteries
Silicon Valley Sources sources of surplus in the valley
Bull electrical Uk based, good stuff
Display Electronics UK based lots and lots
Surplusplus some good
Timeline Inc. LCD's and other interesting stuff
Hard to find electronic parts find parts
Fair radio sales all sorts
Saturn Surplus Military surplus
Electronics Plus tons
ESI & R&D Electronics lots and lots, test equipment
Surplus Shed gov. optics and electronics
Oatley Electronics mucho neat stuff
Surplus Traders good but for quantity only
C and H Sales
Herbach and Rademan lots of suplurs
LMDC Lasers and motion
American Science and Surplus tons of wierd stuff, not all electrical
All Electronics very good
Hosfelt Electronics another good one
Electronics Surplus large selection
Above all Electronics not up currently
Skycraft Surplus not much online
Hoffman Industries good surplus electronics
Alltronics good source
MECI lots of electronics
RA Enterprises some good
Wierdstuff very large good
HSC Electronics large inventory
Excess Solutions not up now
Marlin P Jones & Associates always good
Prime Electronics Lots of parts
back to top Quality Kits Not really surplus but good kits. Canadian
Tomi Enghdal's page Info and many Circuits Circuits, pinouts, manuals, guides
Aaron Cake's Circuits moderate selection of good circuits
UW Electrical Engineering info on parts and Good selection of circuits
Bob Blicks Projects Some Projects
Univ. of Guelph Circuits good library
back to top Duke Univ. Circuits Also Good
PC boards  
Alberta Circuits
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Terry's Toys
Supercircuits lots of security cameras, nothing to do with circuits
Securetek Good cameras and whatnot
back to top Daves Cave not very good
Retail   All Are Huge Distributors
Arrow Electronics
Mouser Electronics
Union Electronics distributors
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