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Make Easy Money On the Internet!!
Yes it's true, and I will show you how.  With a little bit of time and little effort you can be making hundreds or even thousands a month basically for doing nothing.  It's that easy.  hundreds of thousands of people are doing it and you can too.

The way this works is that one way or another you are receiving or giving advertising of a company and they pay you for it.  Simple isn't it.  Companies have come up with unique ways of doing this and this page should show most all of them.  

   The first money maker is the ad bar.  All it is is a strip across the screen that shows advertising to you while youare surfing.  Companies have added there own little features like searches and special deals.  There are a ton of companies that use this and they pay about .30 - .70 an hour up to a varied amount a month.

   Next is the E-mail list.  This basically allows  certain companies to solicite you and you get paid.  After they send you an email they give you a link and when you go to it, it records that you went there.  These companies pay about 3 - 5 cents an email.

   The third type is the affiliate.  This method means that you publicise a certain site and get paid.  There are different ways that they do this such as: per click or commision and others.  you can get anywhere from .03 to .10 a click and there are all types of commisions.

   Other:  some companies have created some new unique ways of getteing paid.
   clicker - With these companies you log on to their webpage and they offer you a portal to merchants websites.  everytime you click on one of their links they pay you for it.  This type of company can make you some large bucks but they do require activity and not just doing whatever you want.
   Multi affiliate - these companies are just a large number of affiliate companies combined.  They do all the tracking and paying for the advertiser.  This allows you to easily review and sign up for hundreds of affiliate companies that suit your website.  
In this next section I will provide links to every pay company I know of (which is most of them).  Some of these companies are not completely finished yet but you can find out more about that on their site.  Please use my name (wonderdog5 unless mentioned otherwise) as the refferer if it doesn't come up automatically.

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