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Wierd Science

Welcome to my wierd science page!!   This page is to devoted to everyone who sometimes needs to walk on the edge.  I stress the sometimes for obvious reasons.  I hope everyone benefits from the page and no one gets to badly hurt.  Let me express that safety is key and if you are not going to practice this please leave now.  I will not be held acountable for any of your actions or what you do with this site.

Although I have not done anything really crazy yet I have built a most interesting high voltage gadget.  It is called the Jacobs Ladder.  I decided to build this first because it is incredibly easy to build, relatively safe when controlled, very cool to look at, and does not use any current holding devices like capacitors.  If you do not know what I'm talking about, it was the thing that was in every sci fi movie where a spark climbs up two angled rods.  It creates a marvelous sight and crackling noise.

The Jacobs Ladder was named for its similarity to the ladder that was in Joshua's dream in biblical times.  It is thought to be invented by the special effects artistsins in the motion picture industry for the frankenstein movies. Take a look at the old movie and you are guaranteed to see one.

So now that you know what I am talking about, how would you like to build one?  All it consists of is a large transformer, two rods, and a long power cord.  Here is mine: coming soon

arc gun

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